About Us


  • Terrence Arceneaux has been in the health care industry for over twenty years. Terrence received an Associate of the Arts Degree in Social Science, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Respiratory Care, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He is currently licensed as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, State of Texas Nursing Home Administrator, and Emergency Medical Technician.   

    Terrence is a strong advocate of hands-on, inquiry based learning. He involves his students in a variety of problem-solving and technology-infused activities that provide individuals with opportunities to use their healthcare training to help save lives. Terrence's teaching style creates an environment in which his students gain confidence and increase knowledge with each training opportunity. He has experience in a wide variety of emergency situations working with patients of all ages. Terrence gained his clinical expertise working at the University of Texas Medical Branch where he worked in all aspects of the healthcare setting including ER, ICU, SICU, BICU, MICU, OR NICU, and member of the Rapid Response Team.

    Helping students to improve their skills and abilities in any emergency is a goal that he has set for each of his students to achieve. Having a student who is able to save the life of the instructor is the desired outcome of each class.


  • Rachel Arceneaux started her nursing career as a CNA in a nursing home while attending school for her ADN. After becoming a RN in 2006 she worked on a telemetry unit and then transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. She went back to school for her BSN  in 2012. While working in the ICU she quickly realized the need for education on IV placement and for the care of central lines to prevent infection. Rachel teaches the IV care and Maintenance class though Epicc Vascular Southeast Texas. Rachel also teaches First Aid/CPR AED and BLS.